The FOUNDATION FOXTROTTER HERITAGE ASSOCIATION is a registry for a select group of horses that have verifiable pedigree linkage to the original foundation horses registered with the Missouri Foxtrotting Horse Breed Association prior to 1970. Heritage horses also are selected by the amount of original blood in their pedigree by use of the V-Factor system. A V-Factor of 128 or less is required in order to qualify a horse for registry with the FOUNDATION FOXTROTTER HERITAGE ASSOCIATION. The V-Factor is a mathematical way of deciphering the relative percentage of pacing blood in an animal by determining the balance of Walking Horse blood within a pedigree.

The original Missouri Foxtrotting horse was developed primarily from fox trotting saddlehorses and have been known to the Ozarks since approximately 1820. These early horses were not developed from Walking Horse even though some Walking Horse blood was used starting in the mid 1950’s. After 1969, the advent of an organized show calendar prompted many breeders to bring Tennessee Walking Horses into the registry. This influx of gaited horses however also brought along a change in style, conformation, and perhaps more importantly the balance of pace.

In 2006 a group of interested Missouri Foxtrotter breeders, owners, and enthusiasts decided to form a
group of foundation bred Missouri Foxtrotters for the purpose of preserving, promoting and reproducing the
original type of Missouri Foxtrotter.

Horses registered with the FOUNDATION FOXTROTTER HERITAGE ASSOCIATION must be fully registered with the Missouri Foxtrotter Horse Breed Association and have a V-factor of 128 or lower which constitutes 50% or less Tennessee Walking Horse blood.

As a family horse there is no better breed. The Foundation Foxtrotter is noted for it’s docile nature,
gentle disposition and people friendly manner. Loyal and steadfast, the Foundation Foxtrotter is descended
from the finest equine genetics traceable through more than three centuries. The typical Foundation
Foxtrotter delivers a smooth foxtrot ride and remains serviceable for decades. Many Foundation Foxtrotters
are still happily carrying their masters down the trail well into their mid to late twenties.

Because Foundation Foxtrotters come in a variety of conformational styles and sizes there is a horse for
everyone within the group. Foundation Foxtrotters are athletic, sure footed, strong, and foxtrot
naturally. Many are multi-gaited as well. The Foundation Foxtrotters exemplify the working type
horse of the early Ozarks. With superior stamina and endurance these horses make splendid trail horses,
stock horses, and athletic partners for sporting events of varied types such as field trials,
competitive trail, running barrels or cow penning. Foundation Foxtrotters are built to work and excel in
many different types of activities from gaited dressage to roping. If there is a job to be done
there is a Foundation Foxtrotter able to do it!

The Foundation Foxtrotter Heritage Association will be developing a market and promoting the Foundation
Foxtrotters. The Association plans to enlarge the market share for the Foundation Horses via many
different avenues with dedication, fairness and a strong will to work as a team for the betterment of
all and the advancement of the breed.



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