The heritage of the Missouri Foxtrotter spans many centuries and encompasses scores of countries around the world. Had it not been for the early horses of Europe and the Middle East there would be no Missouri Foxtrotter today.

When the gaited horses of Britain came to America they became part of the foundation for every breed developed in the United States and many in South America and Canada as well. The Missouri Foxtrotter is one of the most versatile of those breeds and the Foundation Foxtrotters most exemplify the qualities of the original type of Missouri Foxtrotter.

In recent years the Missouri Foxtrotter has come full circle in that there are now several hundred of their numbers taking gait back into Europe. The breed overall is to be found in at least five countries and demand is growing for these good natured, smooth riding, athletic horses.

The Foundation Foxtrotter Heritage Association welcomes owners and Foundation bred horses from all parts of the globe and recognizes the contribution of these fine people and horses to the breed. Foundation Foxtrotters have traceable heritage spanning several centuries to many of the finest equines ever to walk the planet.

The globe depicted in the logo of the Foundation Foxtrotter Heritage Association reflects the global community. The color Purple is a color which in former millennia only royalty could wear…therefore the term “ROYAL PURPLE”. The Foundation Foxtrotter is decidedly of royal blood traceable to the stables of ancient Kings, and therefore worthy of the color.

The two horses symbolized on the logo represent the coming together of nations and breeders for the common goal of preserving the Foundation Foxtrotter. The sheaves of wheat represent fruitfulness, their golden color represents the richness of the heritage to be found in the Foundation Foxtrotter. The shape of the silver banner represents the drawing together of all these qualities and the solidarity of the Foundation Foxtrotter Heritage Association in it’s quest to promote, preserve, perpetuate and produce the best quality and versatile gaited horses in the world. The color Silver represents the malleability of the breed to many disciplines.

The Foundation Foxtrotter Heritage Association dedicates itself to producing horses of extraordinary intelligence, willingness, smoothness of gait and the athletic ability to perform well at many disciplines and pledges to work as a team to these ends for the betterment of the breed and the benefit of all.


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