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This section is for members only and has been disabled to prevent downloading or copying. The factor lists will soon be available on CD for a small fee that will enhance the treasury of the FFHA.

To read the V-Factor, the number in the first column is the horse's personal V-factor number. The number in the second column is the percent of TWH listed by 16ths. So a number of V-12 in that line will indicate a horse that is 12/16 TWH by blood…reduced this would be ¾.

As time permits the numbers of those full blood TWH and Saddlehorses will be added to make it easier for people to trace lineage.

Periodic updates of these files will be made as data comes in. The stallion list will be revised annually. If you have horses that are not on this list and wish to know their factor, please email Dyan at

2011 Stallion V Factoring

2007 V Factoring





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